Provincial Programs: Manitoba


Manitoba is located in the centre of Canada, but is usually referred to as a Western Province. It has a small population of 1.2 million people, and a medium sized capital city (Winnipeg) which has 700,000 residents. To the south and south west of the province, is prairie, with large tracks of agricultural land. The rest of the province is covered with boreal forest, with a small northern fringe being arctic tundra.

Unlike the other western Canadian provinces, Manitoba does not have an abundance of natural resources. The most important resource that Manitoba has is its water, with nearly 1/3 of all water in North America being drained through the province. This water has allowed Manitoba to become a major producer of hydro electricity, which it exports to neighboring provinces and states. Manitoba is generally a low cost environment, which allows it to have a large manufacturing sector and service sector.

Manitoba has a very active immigration program, with the second largest provincial program, only behind Quebec. It has a very favorable skilled worker and family category, as well as having an attractive business immigration program.

Manitoba Skilled Worker Provincial Immigration Program

There are 5 different assessment streams under Manitoba Skilled Worker PNP, 4 of which are given priority assessments (the General Stream is not given a priority).

  • Employer Direct Stream: for applicants with a pre-approved guaranteed offer of employment form an employer who has a prior agreement with the Manitoba PNP to issue jobs to applicants, or for applicants currently working full-time in Manitoba with a job offer.

  • International Student Stream: for applicants who have graduated from a post-secondary education program in Manitoba, have a job offer related to their field of studies and have been issued a post-graduation work permit allowing them to work in Manitoba.

  • Family Support Stream: for applicants with sufficient training, work experience, language ability who have close family members in Manitoba who have completed a Manitoba PNP Affidavit of Support, and who have sufficient funds to successfully settle in Manitoba.

  • General Stream: for applicants with sufficient training, work experience, language and with evidence of close relatives in Manitoba, or family-like support from friends and relatives in Manitoba, or previous education or previous work experience in Manitoba, or community support. Applicants must score sufficient points for consideration and demonstrate their ability to establish successfully in Manitoba.

Manitoba Business Provincial Immigration Program

This program is aimed at encouraging economic development in the Province of Manitoba. The applicant must have a minimum of 3 years of business ownership or senior management experience. The minimum investment requirement is CDN150, 000; however preference is often given to those who have the ability and intent to invest more. The minimum net worth is CDN350, 000, with all legally obtained funds allowed for both partners. An exploratory visit is required lasting a minimum of a week, at which the applicant will be interviewed. Following the exploratory visit, a formal application is made, along with the completion of a business proposal. Passive investments are not allowed under this program.

Once approved, a $75,000 conditionally refundable deposit is required in order for an applicant to be approved. The deposit will be released upon completion of the approved investment.

Manitoba Family Category Provincial Immigration Program


Manitoba Family Support Stream uses family connections to support their skilled worker stream. The province does not support spousal sponsorships, but do support the sponsorship of a wide range of relatives, including: mother/father, son/daughter, sister/brother, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, or first cousin. These "sponsors" must be permanent residence or Canadian Citizens living in the province for at least one year, and must be economically self sufficient.To qualify for this program, applicants must either have a valid and acceptable job offer, or sufficient cash to support themselves and their families for three months. The sponsor must also sign an affidavit indicating that they will provide settlement support for the applicant.

Applicants must also:

  • Be between the age of 21 and 49;

  • Have a minimum of a 1 year post-secondary education or training program and received a diploma, certificate or degree;

  • Have a minimum of two years work experience over the past five years; and

  • Have sufficient language skills to be employable upon arrival in Manitoba.


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