Immigration to Canada

Canadian Visa

Canada is mostly a country built by immigrants. Immigration remains an important part of Canada’s future. Although Canada is the second largest country in the world (only behind Russia), it has a population of on 31 million people. Its economic growth is tied to attracting newcomers to Canada to continue building the country.

Canada continues to attract immigrants in near record numbers through a wide range of programs. In addition to Federal Government programs, all 10 provinces and 2 territories are now offering their own immigration programs, aimed at attracting immigrants to their own particular region. This diversity of programs allows potential immigrants an abundance of options to come to Canada. Visamax has a long history of helping immigrants arrive in Canada and is able to offer informed advice on which program best suits your needs.


The Canadian Government, through Citizenship and Immigration Canada, has developed programs that are targeted at:

In conjunction with its sister department, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, they also offer Temporary Foreign Worker Visas.


All 10 provinces and 2 northern territories offer a wide range of immigration programs. Generally, under these programs, the particular province selects the immigrant (according to their own program criteria) that best suits their current labour market and business requirements. The Canadian Federal Government is responsible for checking medical admisibilty, criminality, and national security. They also regularly check for fraud and misrepresentation.

Here is some information about immigration programs in:

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Manitoba's PNP-B program

Sep 28, 2016

Currently, the Manitoba PNP-B program is getting faster and more popular again after 4 years of moving very slowly and disfunction.

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